Prismic Static Content

Prismic Static Content

This section will cover below points from Home Page,

  1. Banner Section

  2. Category Block

  3. How it works

  4. Shipping Banner section

  5. Footer

As this section comes from prismic so we will assume that you have created all the prismic type suggested in Setup Prismic section.

you will find the query and implementation in the below file,


we will show here how we have created the content in prismic,

1.Banner Section

We just uploaded the banner image in prismic Home Page


you will also find banner title, subtitle and button text there

banner title

2. Category Block

Category block comes from the prismic, it's a prismic group field with image, title and slug.

category block

Prismic Structure

cat prismic structure

Prismic Content

cat prismic content

3.How It Works

Here's how we have created the structure of how it works in prismic,

htw structure

We took two rich text field for Title and Subtitle and a group field with image, title and description which enable the option to add similar content.

htw content

and how it looks in our app,

htw demo

In the Same way we have created the Shipping And Footer section